Scholarships and College Grants for Nurse Practitioner Students

Are you interested in working in advanced nursing positions? Consider becoming a nurse practitioners. To become a nurse practitioner, you need at least a master’s degree, and starting in the coming years, nurse practitioners will need a doctorate to work in this field. If you’re interested in this type of position, scholarships and grants can help you earn your advanced degree for little to no out-of-pocket cost.

Scholarship and Grant Sources

The most common place to find scholarships and grants for nurse practitioners is directly from colleges. Most colleges have programs for their students, and all you have to do to be awarded this money is apply (and, in some cases, maintain a high GPA). Government departments also often offer scholarships and grants to nurse practitioner students, as do outside organizations. Funds for nurse practitioners vary from year to year, but some of the places offering them in the past include the following:

  • Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses Foundation
  • American College of Nurse Practitioners
  • MidAtlantic Cardiovascular Foundation
  • National American Arab Nurses Association
  • National Black Nurses Association
  • National Health Service Corps
  • Saint John Foundation
  • US Medical Supplies

Keep in mind that you can also find scholarships and grants that are non-specific to nurse. That is, they are open to all students pursuing graduate degrees, regardless of field of study. These general scholarships and grants are typically more competitive.

Which is Better – Scholarships or Grants?

While both scholarships and grants are great forms of financial aid, since they don’t have to be repaid after you graduate, these types of funds are different, and knowing the differences can help you determine which make more sense for you. Scholarships are typically given based on merit. At the graduate degree level, they’re often called fellowships and available to students who commit to being a teaching assistant, research assistant, or other benefit to the college. Grants, on the other hand, are given based on financial need. There may be other criteria as well, but many grants don’t require you to have perfect grants or special talents – just a financial need.

In addition to scholarships and grants, you may also be eligible for a special kind of assistant known as nursing education loan forgiveness. This government program will pay for some of your student loans after you graduate if you commit to working for at least two years in a high-need area.

Top Online Nurse Practitioner Schools

University of Cincinnati
MSN: Clinical Nursing
MSN: Family Nursing
MSN: Nurse Midwifery
MSN: Women's Health
University of Cincinnati – The MSN in women's health teaches nurses the training and diagnosis skills for common and complex female medical conditions. A MSN in clinical nursing specializes in a specific discipline ranging from diseases to medical environments. The clinical nursing, nurse administration, and family nursing programs teach the skills to manage common and more complex medical conditions for the entire family. The MSN in nurse midwifery degree leads to a rewarding career, giving the skill sets necessary to advise and treat women through pregnancy.
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Kaplan University
MSN: Administration
MSN: Education
Kaplan University – At Kaplan University you can obtain a Masters in Nursing in Nurse Administration which will grow your skill set in the principles of personnel management, policy development and implementation. You can gain an MSN degree in Nurse Education that will prepare you for a faculty or educator role in colleges or schools of nursing.
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South University
South University – The MSN at South University is an excellent program that enhances the knowledge of registered nurses. The program allows nurses to pursue their education goals while continuing their career and meeting personal and family responsibilities through their flexible programs. The curriculum in this program develops clinical teaching skills and utilizes modern research in the nursing field.
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American Sentinel University
MSN: Case Management
MSN: Health Informatics
MSN: Infection Prevention
MSN: Nurse Leadership
American Sentinel University – The American Sentinel University MS in nursing program includes several specializations: case management, health informatics, infection prevention, and nurse leadership. These programs enable nurses to develop leadership skills and learn advanced topics in infection and disease prevention.
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Georgetown University
MSN: Family Nursing
MSN: Women's Health
Georgetown University – Online MS in nursing degree graduates from Georgetown University's School of Nursing and Health Studies will exit the competitive, highly-ranked and established program not only with their advanced degree, but as champions for their patients and the advancement of the nursing field across the board. Specializations are available in family nursing and nurse midwifery/women's health.
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Capella University
MSN: Education
MSN: Education Bridge
Capella University – The MSN in Nurse Education program is offered at Capella University. As the demand for skilled nurses grows every day, the need for excellent nurse educators has also increased. Capella University has risen to the call by providing curriculum that will teach students advanced knowledge of nursing theory and practice. This program will prepare you for positions in higher education institutions, health care organization, and the military. Bridge program also available.
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Saint Xavier University
MSN: Clinical Leadership
Saint Xavier University – At St. Xavier University you can now embark on an MSN degree in Clinical Leadership. This degree will prepare you to oversee the coordination of care for distinct groups of patients. With this degree, you will be prepared to evaluate patient outcomes, assess risks, and will have gained the leadership skills to change health care plans for patients when necessary.
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Catholic University of America
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Catholic University of America – Catholic University of America, a highly-rated and prestigious educator, has made an online program available for their well respected Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. This program takes an in-depth exploration into the many facets of the healthcare system. While this program offers more flexibility than its campus counterpart, it also places a high demand for excellence on the student, requiring work experience and a bachelors degree for enrollment.
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Sacred Heart University
MSN: Clinical Nursing
MSN: Nurse Education
MSN: Patient Admin.
Sacred Heart University – The Sacred Heart University MSN: clinical nursing, MSN: nursing education, and MSN: patient care services administration teach nurses advanced topics in teaching and learning, issues in nursing education, coordination with other healthcare professionals. Graduates are found throughout the healthcare system, in both small clinics and large regional hospitals.
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Benedictine University
Benedictine University – The Master of Science in Nursing at Benedictine University is an unique online program that allows students to have the opportunity to develop custom tailored areas of focus. The program provides core courses that will build skills necessary to lead, educate, and administer in health care as well as provide the flexibility to concentrate on the areas that students are passionate about.
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