16 Quick and Easy Exercises to Stay in Shape

Published by admin on March 16, 2011

Sometimes we procrastinate about getting in shape because the idea seems overwhelming. But, there are many ways you can improve your physical condition without spending a lot of money on equipment or having to take on complicated workouts. Here are 16 exercises that can really help you get into shape without a lot of fuss.

  1. Walk – Walking is one of the very best exercises you can do. It’s good for your heart and it strengthens your legs. If you don’t have time to put a walking workout into place, simply start by walking to more of your daily activities or parking your car further from your destination.
  2. Jump rope – Jumping rope is one of the best exercises you can do. It is very good for your cardiovascular system, and it requires inexpensive equipment. And, it’s something you probably already know how to do.
  3. Push-ups – Push-ups are one of the best exercises you can do to build upper body strength. They require no special equipment and you already know how to do them. Start by doing as many as you can. Then, see if you can do one more rep every day.
  4. Pull-ups – Most Americans cannot even do one pull-up. So, getting to that point is a great goal to set for yourself. Pull-ups can really increase your upper body strength, and they work different muscles than push-ups.
  5. Running – Running, like walking, is great simply because it is such a simple exercise. Start your exercise routine with walking, and work up to running to continue increasing your physical fitness.
  6. Cycling – Riding a bicycle is a great exercise. You can ride outdoors with your famiy or ride a stationary bike. It’s a great stress reliever, and it’s good for your heart and your legs.
  7. Swimming – Swimming uses every major muscle group in the body. And, because you’re suspended in the water, there is no stress on the joints. It’s also a great cardiovascular workout.
  8. Abdominal crunches – We’ve been doing crunches to get a flat stomach forever. But, there’s a reason they’re so popular: they work.
  9. Rowing – Whether you go out in a rowboat, or use a rowing machine; this is a great way to get a good workout. Rowing is great for your heart, and works all the major upper body muscles.
  10. Seated leg lifts – This is a great exercise you can do right at your desk. Slide to the edge of your seat and lift legs up and down, keeping knees bent. This exercise works your quadriceps and hamstrings.
  11. Jump on a trampoline – Trampoline jumping builds strength in your legs and gives you a good cardiovascular workout. Jumping on a trampoline also is said to cleanse the lymphatic system, improving your immune system.
  12. Squats – Remember doing squats in gym class? Well, it’s time to start doing them again, because they are a great exercise for toning and strengthening your lower body. Squats work the buttocks and the thighs. They also build your lower body endurance.
  13. Yoga – There are a million different yoga poses. Take a look at them and learn a few basic ones, like tree pose and downward dog. Yoga can increase your flexibility and reduce stress.
  14. Dancing – Fast dancing, like Latin dancing, can burn a lot of calories and tone muscles, too. So, go out and have some fun and get yourself in better shape at the same time.
  15. Play ball! – Whether you choose a pickup game of basketball, football, soccer, or baseball, you’ll find that getting out and playing a little ball with your friends or your kids.
  16. The Plank – The plank is a position that you hold, rather than an exercise. Position yourself on the floor, with your upper body resting on your elbows and forearms and your lower body positioned up on your toes. Hold the position as long as you can, and then aim to increase your time every day. This exercise is great for developing a stronger core.

These sixteen exercises are simple, and you already know how to do most of them. They require little or no equipment to perform. But, they are powerful tools to help you develop a fit and healthy body.

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