10 Essential Web Tools for Nurse Practitioners

Published by James on April 13, 2010

1. This Index of Malpractice Laws by State is a great resource for Nurse Practitioners and other healthcare professionals. If you have questions about laws and malpractice issues, and you can search easily by state to find out what you need to know to protect yourself and your workplace.

2. The Pearson Report is an annual national overview of legislation and healthcare issues relating to Nurse Practitioners. Unfortunately, search beginning in 2010, the complete report will only be available if you register with WebNPonline.

3. SkinSight.com has easily searchable pictures and graphics of a vast selection of skin problems and diseases. You can search by affected body part, name of disease, age, and sex of the patient to diagnose and find out about everything from acne to bed sores to skin cancer.

4. The American Dietetic Association’s nutrition manual is a good resource for finding printable handouts for your clients on diets and disease-specific information. The website also has BMI calculators and other fun tools to help educate your patients about proper nutrition and body weight.

5. Health.com has lists of the “most emailed” and “most popular” health-related stories, which can help you find out what the public wants to know most so you can prepare to answer those questions. It also has a list of fad diets, meal plans, quizzes and interesting health and diet-related articles.

6. PreventDisease.com has a handy “health tools” section that provides easy calculations for BMI, BMR, and Target Weight that are separated into kids, adults, men and women. The site also provides blood pressure assessments, a blood alcohol estimator, calorie calculators and disease risk assessors.

7. DrugDigest.com is a consumer health and drug information site with a drug library and interactive tools for patients to keep track of their medications. It also has drug interaction checkers, drug comparisons, and safety tips.

8. NurseLinkUp is “The Nurse Social Network” that features studies, news stories, and social networking for nurses all over the country.

9. HealthGrades.com is a great site for Nurse Practitioners looking for jobs. You don’t want to work just anywhere do you? When you want to find the best doctors, hospitals and nursing homes to work for – as graded by the patients – this independent rating organization is the place to look.

10. Jwatch.org has information from blogs, newspapers, websites, and every other resource on the web to give you little snippets of the latest in healthcare news. If you don’t have much spare time but want to stay up to date, this is the place to go.

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